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Welcome to Nook, a hospitality soft brand that celebrates the beauty of nature and the allure of luxury experiences. We invite you to apply for a membership, where your property can flourish within our community. Discover why partnering with Nook is the key to unlocking new heights.

Distinct Positioning:

Before Nook, there was no consistent brand to turn to for an incredible outdoor experience. Nook stands out in the market, offering a carefully vetted collection of member properties at the gateway to the great outdoors. Our three categories—Upscale Glamping, One-of-a-Kind, and Boutique Outdoor Hotels—allow your property to shine among a diverse range of outdoor hospitality.

Amplified Exposure:

As part of the Nook brand, your property gains access to our megaphone. Benefit from increased visibility through conference representation, strategic partnerships, group sales, in addition to top of funnel marketing, social media and PR.

Tailored Support:

We understand that every property is unique. That's why Nook provides personalized support to ensure your success. The Nook team has over 50 years of hospitality experience from small local properties to Fortune 500 brands.

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